iPad @mention off screen in portrait orientation

When typing to mention a username on the iPad in portrait orientation, the list of usernames falls off the screen:

Rotating the iPad to landscape fixes it, but going back to portrait, the issue persists.

I can reproduce it here on meta, as well as my forum (v1.9.0.beta14 +19) on my iPad Air 10.3.3 and a user on an iPad Pro with the “latest” iOS reproduced it as well.


Can’t you simply press ENTER a few times to move the text down, as a workarond?

That’s an option, sure - but in this case it took 5 line returns to get the full list to become visible. You then have to delete the 5 empty lines, too.

Regarding it fixing itself in landscape orientation - I take that back. I could not get it to work properly replying here.

Sure maybe something @joffreyjaffeux could look at down the line.


I do run into this bug a fair bit @joffreyjaffeux basically if you mention someone in the first line on a small screen.


Yeah this happens to me as well but I find it hard to get a 100% repro. Can you get this to happen every time with some sort of sequence?

I can’t repro in Safari or Chrome on an iPhone 6.

I improved some stuff here a week ago, is this still happening?

It happens to me using iPad Chrome Firefox Safari - portrait and landscape

What I usually do is close the keypad, tap the member name to insert it into the post, then focus the textarea to open the keypad again.

I think it might be able to be fixed with some type of position offset detection to open it either up or down depending on the circumstance, but that might be trickier to do than I imagine.

Yes, it’s still happening:

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I reckon I could spend a whole day tweaking this area :worried: nonetheless, this tweak improves a few edge cases including iPad portrait being off screen.



Is/was this really iPad specific? I seem to see the same on Android (Nougat, S7).

Nope was not iPad specific and you could even repro on desktop if you dragged the blue bar all the way to the top.


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