Is it possible to allow TL3 to split/merge topics?

In our forum TL 3 are assigned as TL4. Now we would like to assign extended rights in TL 3. The step to simply promote the users to TL4 is still too responsible for us.

Is it therefore possible to give a TL 3 user only this right:

  • Merge topic with simultaneous close topic

If the topic / question has already been clarified… please forgive me. I really searched for a long time, but did not find a suitable answer. :smiling_face:
If my question belongs to another category… please feel free to move it… :wink:

I’m afraid, at the moment, we don’t have that level of granularity to allow giving certain abilities to specific trust levels.

Thanks for your reply.

Has the topic of assigning “certain skills” to a trust level been discussed before? Or is my concern more of a flash in the pan?

I think in this particular case, as TL3s can be auto-promoted, it may be considered too powerful a perk to automatically hand out so is restricted to the manually awarded TL4s.

Having a quick search, I can’t see a topic where this has been asked before (though I could have missed it). I think there have been requests for other abilities to be split out, and some that used to be set by trust level are now group-enabled which gives more control over subsections that are allowed them. If you can put together a convincing use-case you could pop a feature request in for consideration?

Thank you for the detailed answer.
About your suggestion to present the use case to the product team is a good idea.

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