Is it possible to choose the type of notification for push notifs?

I’m just wondering if there is any way to select what types of notifications you want to see, specifically for push notifications. Like selecting that I want to see messages and replies but not links to my posts?

For context I am very active on a Discourse forum and have written a lot of topics as tutorials that are linked to in a lot of posts every day. Some automated linking is also being used so there are even more. I have push notifications configured (though the Discourse Hub app on iOS) and I can’t find any way to control what I am notified for. Currently when I get an alert, there is no way of knowing whether someone has sent me a PM (which I do want to know about straight away) or an automated link to one of my tutorials has been added to a post. Is there any way to control this and ideally stop getting push notifications for links?

Thank you very much!


I’m assuming this isn’t possible, so would it be considered as a feature to allow you to choose to opt out of a certain type of notification, like links to your posts?

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