Is it possible to hide tags similar to categories?


When I “mute” a category it no longer appears in my home page, latest, new or unread tabs. This is great!

However when I “mute” a tag it still shows up in all these places.

Is this an intended feature? Is there a way to get “muted” tags working the same way as “muted” categories?

Thank you!

Wait… how exactly are you muting tags?

Visit the tag page (such as clicking Tagging above) and choose Mute (top right corner).

I believe there is a known issue on this somewhere here in Meta… give me a few to try and find it

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Found it, it was buried in another conversation


Hi @sam

When visiting the tag page I can choose some options at the top right. Here’s a screenshot:

Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I’m not even sure the “Watching” option is working. I am watching a few tags and not really noticing any difference with other “Muted” tags.

Anywho I really just wanted to know if there is a way I can “hide” this “audio” tag from view.


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Ah yes I see. After seeing “mute” hide these categories from the main topic list I assumed that is what muting does. And not being about to replicate it for tags led me to opening this post.

The “Mute” option on category is actually “hiding” these categories form the topic list. But really it shouldn’t be hiding them. It should only be hiding these categories from the “unread” tab, while still showing them in the main topic listing.

So I think muting tags is working correctly, as in these tags are not showing up in my unread list. Good. No problems there, it seems to be working as it should.

Well please don’t fix the “hide category” bug! haha. Hiding categories is an awesome feature (by mistake or design). Please find a way to leave it in :slight_smile: