Is it possible to sync avatar and bio of Discourse in Wordpress when using Memberful?

I really think Memberful is the SSO provider. So is it possible to sync user data to Wordpress with the Discourse plugin?


No, syncing user data from WordPress to Discourse is only done when WordPress is the SSO provider for Discourse.


I asked to Drew from Memberful and he said :

Hey Francois. Memberful doesn’t facilitate any connections between Discourse and WordPress (it interacts with each independently). If you use Gravatar for Discourse, you’ll see the same thing in WordPress. You could also look at building something custom that synced profile photos and bios from Discourse to WordPress.

So is it the SSO provider?

Yes, if you followed Memberful’s instructions. If you look at your settings and search for “SSO” you’ll see it.

Ok so there is no way to sync user data to Gravatar if Wordpress is not SSO provider… thanks!

What avatars are you getting on Discourse after users sign in with Memberful? I would expect Gravatars to be set for users who have a Gravatar account. That should be the same as what happens on WordPress.

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Yes this a Gravatar. But the majority don’t have a gravatar account…

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Support your question!
It would be great if WP could download the profile pictures from Discourse when it’s syncing with Discourse. I use Discourse as a SSO for WP.