Is it possible to use badges/groups to show staff an icon on a user's avatar?

I’d like to mark users with data that indicates their licensing status with our software (for example, if they are trialing or paying, or if they have no license at all).

We already use SSO, so getting this data into discourse is no problem.

I don’t want users to see each other’s licensing status, but I do want moderators/stafff to be able to see it.

I’d prefer an icon or word conveying this status to be seen without a click, so ideally it would show up next to their name or on their avatar. Something similar to how moderators have a little shield next to their name.

Is this currently possible?

I thought I could do this with groups + avatar flair, and making the groups only visible by mods/staff, but that doesn’t seem to work (yes, I set the group as a primary group for the user I was testing with).

These “avatar flairs” were visible by all, even if the group and its members were not. I just rebuilt my container, so I’m running the latest discourse, and now they can’t be seen by anyone, including myself (group owner). I assume that has to do with this:

But, I would have expected I could see it because I am the group owner – but I guess not.

Any ideas?

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It is not currently possible without a plugin, but it is possible. We use a small plugin that does this internally so that we know who our customers are.

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a public plugin? or something internal?

could you share it for forking purposes?

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It’s internal and likely proprietary as it relates to our hosting infrastructure. If that’s not the case, someone else from the team can chime in.

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I’ve never written a plugin, but I was looking at this:

it looks like a great start… but I cant figure out how to find out who to display the badge info to (like restrict it to certain groups)

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There is a user notes plugin. That is only visible to staff. But you will need to view note for contents.