Reporting a post/comment - notification by email

Hello, When someone reports a post, a notification will be sent to the admin on the website, how can I get an email notification to the admin account that someone has reported a post to someone? well thank you


I believe that there isn’t a way to get an email notification of items requiring review. You physically have to go to

It is very important to me, for what reason is this not possible? I can’t even do it with code?

I think it is possible if you set the Moderators inbox to Watching? I remember it from this topic, but I haven’t tested it again recently - Pending posts notification for moderators


I wasn’t aware of that thanks for pointing it out :smiley:

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Looking back over that topic, I’m not sure I did a great job of explaining everything clearly :slightly_smiling_face: , but I’ll try and find some time later to have a fresh run-through and see if I can untangle which settings are actually needed.

I gave it a fresh run-through - Pending posts notification for moderators - #15 by JammyDodger

I don’t think this would be quite as responsive as you’d have hoped though @Juraj_Štefánik The Review Queue notifications are sent to the (android) DiscourseHub app, so it seems possible that could be replicated in some way?