Is there a plugin to make my forum a shop?

Is there a plugin to make my forum a shop? I’d like to let users talk about the products.

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You might find something here:

I believe what @Benjamin_D is talking about is that by using or integrating with WordPress, you should be able to create a shop-like part of your forum, where the shop is on WordPress and the forum is connected to it.

You can also use #theme-component to make the topics on your forum appear like they would in an online store. Some theme components that fit this or may be helpful to you are:

And so much more. A good way to go about this would be to sketch how you want the forum to look and search for specific integrations to help. Asides this, I do not know of an out of the box solution that creates a shop of your Discourse forum.


absolutly! I should have develop a bit more, thanks Osioke :sweat_smile:

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