Is there a theme component to add a post button to mobile preview?

In the mobile interface, there is not a side by side post edit window and preview window. Instead you hit a button to switch from edit to preview. Then if it looks good, you have to hit “hide preview” before you can post it. What if there was a post button on that preview page?

Is there a theme component to do that already? I didn’t find one, but maybe I’m using the wrong search terms.


I’ve also been asked about this. Is it possible to add a preview window on mobile?

There is a preview window on mobile already. But unlike desktop, it is not displayed at the same time. You have to click to preview, then click back to edit again.

Or click back to post, if you have decided you are done editing. I wanted a post button without that click back part, that what this topic is about.


I’m not aware of one but it sounds like a reasonable idea. @tshenry is that something you could tackle?


Finally got around to doing this :slight_smile:


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