Is there a way to add descriptions to sub-categories and show that on homepage?

Hi there,
Can we attach descriptions to sub-categories and show them on the homepage?

All the discourse forums I have seen until now have sub-categories shown as a simple hyperlink with a colored bullet. I would very much like to show the subcategory in its own row with its description.

I am taking inspiration from the following forum.

I apologize in advance for the fact that I haven’t installed discourse so I can’t say if it is possible to do so.

link: AutoHotkey Community - Index page

If you go with the category view the first sentence in the about thread turns into a description.

I’m actually trying to turn this off lol

Can you share a screenshot, Mike?

I don’t have a Discourse setup yet. :pray:

Go to and look at homepage. The general discussion text next to each category could be much longer description by editing the pinned about thread in each category.

Thanks. That’s a nice trivia.
Though, I want descriptions for sub-categories to show on the homepage as well.

I see Discourse is theme-able so maybe it will be possible. How to add custom content that only appears on your homepage

I can modify the homepage template to add fake headers that become my categories? Not sure if it will be possible to break the listing of actual categories though.

Regarding turning those descriptions off in your case, can you modify the CSS for .category-description to display: none?

Given, Discourse is theme-able, they should have an option to modify CSS.