Is there some kind of rate limit for API calls?

I’m using the API to create users from a .Net console app via the API but for some reason when running my code in production with dozens of new users being added back to back, some don’t get added. But when I run the same code with same source data in dev, slowly one user at a time, it works just fine.

I reads bits and pieces about a possible API rate limit. Is there a rate limit for the API and if so, what is it and how can I adjust it?

Thank you.

Search site settings for api. There are daily and per minute settings.


Also possible rate limiting for all requests if web.ratelimited.template.yml is included, which it is by default:


As it turns out, I’m getting this error:

New registrations are not allowed from your IP address (maximum limit reached). Contact a staff member.

… which is discussed in this thread.

I changed the make some adjustments to the API rate limit and set the “max new accounts per registration ip” setting to zero and it’s now working fine.