Issue with "New Poster" badge

Hi everyone :wave:t2:

I noticed on my forum that many users who have been part of the community for several years, and who have made lots of helpful posts, are still being listed as a “New Poster.”

Here is one example…

Do you think there is a “bug” in my Discourse installation? Or is this expected behavior? If it is expected behavior, is there a way I can change the setting so users like the one above are listed as something different?

Thanks for any insight.

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Hello Ryan, its been a while :slight_smile: do you by any chance know if the Trust Level names have been renamed on your Discourse instance? This seems like the likely cause as by defaullt, there is no Trust Level with the “New Poster” name.


Hi Osioke :wave:t2:

I’m not sure if the Trust Level names have been renamed. Where would I look to view these settings?

Thank you very much for the reply. :+1:

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If you click on ‘admin’ on their profile and scroll down, you should see the trust level section with a drop down menu. Ours may be custom built, so may look a little different to what you see. I’m not sure.



You are correct @BeBe the list in the image you shared has the default names for the Trust Levels.


You renamed Trust level 2 from “member” to “new poster”.

These are set in:




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