Issue with Popup Menu for post admin settings

I have noticed a fairly substantial issue regarding the topic admin for posts. We can re-create this on the base discourse theme.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. log in as an admin
  2. Create a post that has no replies, and is very short in size
  3. Have no alert pop ups present at the top of the page

Possible fixes:

  1. Change z-index of menu pop up
  2. Set height on the alert message container

Description of the problem:
The admin is no longer able to delete posts or check listings.

IF you are handling multiple communities, then using the approach above will be a slow roll out, as you would have to change the z-index for each and every one of them and roll out those changes individually.

A couple other threads have been posted about this dating back to 2020.


Is this the issue you’re seeing?

We’re aware of this and we’re working on updating this menu to avoid it. Updating how this menu works is part of some javascript modernization we’re doing, so it’s a multi-step process to ensure it continues to work with customizations (might take a few weeks before it’s widely rolled out).

In the meantime, are you able to use the admin menu on the right to access the menu items that are obstructed?


Hi Kris,

thanks for such a quick reply. You are correct. I am able to delete posts from the tool button you suggested. Glad to hear the update.

I have changed the title from ‘substantial issue’ to just ‘issue’.