Issues marking messages as read on mobile app

What’s the right place to discuss the app?

I have a hard time with marking messages as read

I moved this to a separate topic. Are you having issues marking private messages as read on the DiscourseHub app specifically?

It’s not about private messages.

I see forums wirth many unread messages, I bruwse them, not even going to the details, and then would like to mark them as read because I’m not interested. I could not find out how to do that.

Sometimes I am digging into the details, scroll to the bottom, use the back button and expected the thread to be marked as read and it wasn’t.

I am on iOS. Are there any gestures used in the app, like swiping to the left?

Huw I navigate it to the new messages and scroll to the bottom. There I have a button to ignore all the messages. But I do not want to ignore them. I just want to mark them as read. How can I do that?

That’s probably a translation issue. In English, that button is called “Dismiss New” or “Dismiss Unread” (depending on your context). Dismissing is equivalent to Marking as read. So that’s the button to use.

The iOS app doesn’t have any gestures to this effect, no.

How to mark those 38 messages read?

Is this button in the new filter the only place where I can mark messages as read, or is there any other place?

Yes the Dismiss button is the only place you can do what you’re trying to do.

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