"You're a New User of the Month! #1" infinitely repeats itself for one user

We are super happy with Discourse on forum.dccmuseum.com and update very frequently.

One poor user however got 13 e-mails and even more messages “You’re a New User of the Month! #1” without ever receiving the badge this month. I found no way of assigning it manually, no hint in a log, and another user received the badge with one message just as intended.

I am familiar with SQL but neither with Ruby on Rails nor enough with Docker to troubleshoot it without further assistance. I am open to suggestions on what to check and how to force an assignment to hopefully resolve the issue.

Maximilian Emig - DCC Museum


Can i suggest you look at yourdomain.com/sidekiq/retries

maybe something is stuck and just needs a bit of help.

you should see all the jobs there and delete the job if it keeps recurring

P.s welcome to meta :slight_smile:


There was an issue if the user skipped the new user tips and qualified for the New User of the Month badge where they weren’t granted it but still received a notification.

Should be fixed here:



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