Javascript alert/popup message when entering site

We recently updated our Discourse installation to a new version and restored the backup from the old version.

I’m still learning the settings and I can’t figure out how to disable an alert or popup message that appears before the page loads.

Users have to click OK to enter the site. I’ve checked all the settings and searched the forum, but I couldn’t find a solution. How can I remove this alert message?

This is not a native discourse popup so You’ll have to identify what is creating this message. You can test if it is a theme/theme-component on discourse by enabling safe mode

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Thanks for the reply,

Entered the safe mode, now the pop-up is not showing,
In plugins section there exists these plugins

And in themes section, the default one is activated.

From where will be this alert message comes from, It looks like a Javascript alert content.

Do you have a theme component or any custom code in the theme that creates a javascript popup?


Yess, :+1:

thanks brother. I’ve found that, it is in default theme body

removed it :smile:

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Glad you got it figured.

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