Jump to main address automatically?

I have a server with a discourse instance.

It has a domain name1.
While I want to change it to name2.

I found that:

  1. If both “name1” and “name2” are simply set by godaddy DNS address, with the same ip address, if you still type “name1”, it will automaticly jump to “name2”.

  2. But, if I set domain by cloudflare while the name2 ip address was hided by cloudflare. In this case, “name1” will not jump to “name2” anymore.

    • While I found it interesting that if I use “name1” as main address, then typing “name2” will automatically jump to “name1”. Because name1 is not hided by cloudflare.
      Still, I really want to use the new name2 inplace of name1, but I cannot notify all users to use name2, I hope the instance will jump to name2 automatically.

While can we make some modification, that we can still have the first feature? Typing “name1” still automatically jump to “name2”?

That’s what you want. You don’t want the data on both domains.

Don’t do that. No good can come from it.

See Change the domain name or rename my Discourse?, but what I usually do is instead do a new installation and restore the database there.

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