Jump to post is inaccurate in big threads

It appears when a thread contains a large amount of posts (I haven’t narrowed it down to an exact amount yet) the “post jump” feature has a tendency to increment the desired post number by one.

Also note that there’s no blue highlight animation when additional posts have to be loaded first.

Slightly different behaviour but probably related to the same underlying cause: Following this link in Chrome at 1920x1080 maximised decrements the url by one position as the page loads, and the topic progress bar reads one further position less. (97, 96 and 95 respectively.)

Depends if there are embedded remote linked images, I reckon.

Uploaded images should know dimensions; check upstream and see if any hotlinked remote images are there. Sometimes they’re too big to be converted to local images? Just a guess.

edit: hmm, checking when jumping to #50 and #60 from #1 you might be right. I don’t see any obvious hotlinked images that might be gunking up the works. Worth a look Monday @eviltrout to see if we regressed here.

Jump to posts wasn’t respecting the gaps (hidden). I’ve fixed it and it seems to work well now:



Cheers. One thing I’m still missing though is the blue highlight to help guide my eye. It’s very helpful when you land amongst several smaller posts, and it would also be the consistent thing to do.

Hmm is jump to post not doing a fade? Can you confirm @eviltrout?

I confirmed it wasn’t working when using the progress widget. It’s fixed in master (along with a big refactor to clean it up a lot)



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