Just Superb - Discourse is a complete package

(Cee Kay) #1

I, Abdul Wajid is commonly known as @educator in my community due to the fact I use my free time to make study materials etc. After the successful run of ktublog.com and witnessing the fall of it. I decided to move to a forum based site, because students can easily collaborate.The first new-generation forum software I came across was flarum. I learnt that they are using php, and it was a big turn off for me. Then I came to know about nodebb and joined their community and their community support wasn’t welcoming. I once had almost lost the interest to the community because I couldn’t find a good forum software yet. That’s when I remembered seeing discourse on the godaddy marketplace, and I rushed to discourse. I found this meta community extremely helpful and welcoming.
My experience with discourse is great; everything is nicely integrated. I found the support for themes as a turnoff, but it is a lot fewer hassles for the developers. Having the theming support welcomes a lot of buggy coders and theming enthusiast who blots the code and gives the softwares bad word of mouth.
But, sadly I might have to stop this discourse run. My dad has to accidentally hospitalize, and funding for all of my dreams is now a question mark. Even tuition fee for my college education is under question, hope everything turns out to be okay. I am afraid that I can run my discourse forum in the digital ocean anymore. I guess discourse.org doesn’t have any student offers as such. If the community is willing to provide a huge discount or such a help, it would be of extreme help for me and my community.

Thank you @codinghorror for offering an help. It is much appreciated.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

So sorry to hear about your dad! Email us directly and I’ll see if we can help you out on the Digital Ocean side.

(Cee Kay) #3

Thank you jeff,

I will mail you soon.