Keep "who replied last" visible in group messages

Hi, for our use of discourse for support purposes it would be very nice if we could keep the

“latest” glow circle for all posts.

I’m not sure on the current logic but sometimes they disappear, making it hard to see which posts have a reply we still need to deal with and which are replies we replied to but might want to follow up later to.

What I understand is that when the Glow isn’t visible then the OP is the one who last replied.

Oops, My bad!
The Glow is actually shown on The Post creator is the person who did the most recent reply.
Otherwise, the last avatar on right will be the one who posted last.

Ah fair enough. Our problem is that we have quite a few things in our support and sales list that are awaiting replies from the customer and easily spotting them is quite hard.

Maybe Use staff notes Plugin for that?

Maybe archive items when you’ve responded?

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I agree with @pfaffman you are kind of doing this wrong. You should close topics when they are resolved, to indicate they are fully resolved.

Then you can set category preferences to automatically bounce any old open topics so those topics get “reminders” for someone to follow up :wink:

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