Last change does not appear in post

(Peter) #1

When I create a reply and then e.g. just edit something minor like a new link. I do [something](link) and the last thing I then do is pasting the link but hitting ‘save’ only stores [something](). I then need to edit again and do something additional to get the link stored. I think this is might be a bug.

Using firefox 42.0 on ubuntu and discourse v1.5.0.beta4 +35

It looks like it is always reproducable if you write something and the really last thing you do is creating a link test

(Jeff Atwood) #2

What’s the exact set of repro steps? Can you do it in your above post via editing? Can you repro on if needed?

(Peter) #3

Yes, it is reproducable here as well. But it was not easy. Just editing and adding a link didn’t make it. But when writing something and then creating the link and then hitting CTRL+ENTER it was reproducable

Clicking on ‘save edit’ is also reproducable.

Uh, strange, but in general it is not always reproducable. But relative often :frowning:

Steps to reproduce:

  • click edit
  • Write something but do this relative fast and the last thing you do is pasting a link
  • click ‘save edit’ or press CTRL+ENTER

result: the pasted URL is not in the post

(Peter) #4

Do you need any more information from me about this or are too few people effected? This is an ugly thing ;/

(Jeff Atwood) #5