Launcher script removed locally compiled base build

It looks like the launcher script deleted the base image that I compiled locally (for a custom patch). That used to not happen, so it seems like the script may have changed.

untagged: discourse/base:build
deleted: sha256:eed4a11e05b4f5e90d7733cd89c3ab8f9c826c955f7136a0d1e37db31aab89b0

It’s not a huge deal, since I’m rebuilding the image now, and should be able to use it if I don’t clear out the cache. Hopefully it won’t be removed by future invocations of ./launcher.

Thanks! : )

Did you run ./launcher cleanup ? That command will print a warning that everything that isn’t running will be, well, cleaned up.


./launcher rebuild app probably called that sub-command and printed that warning text. I ignored it since I thought that past behavior was to keep important images.

My best guess was that this option only appeared in the past when I was already running the custom image. Since I got the message right before I was running the new image, that would explain why it was deleted.

Next time, I’ll heed that warning and try to run the command manually when the application is running. Thanks.