Pressing the Reaction button registers incorrectly

I’m just reporting that on mobile, interacting with the reaction button seems to not register properly and instead is “seen” by the system as having interacted with the button on the right side of the reaction one.

This screenshot has been taken via chrome desktop in mobile view emulating Pixel5 phone but any other phone will have the same issue as far as I could check (iphone, etc).
In here, I just clicked on the reaction button and you can see it shows as if I clicked the share button.


You can easily check using the mobile-view of any desktop browser (I tested with chrome and the default theme).

Moving the reaction button to the left will “fix” the issue but also be a very bad choice in UI/UX because lots of people report touching the reaction button when scrolling as it ends up quite in the center-right of the viewport.


I’m not seeing this when I try it on my test site? When I long-press the Like icon to bring up the Reaction menu (and give a Reaction) it all happens in the right spot. Does this also happen in safe mode when the theme is disabled?


I’ve tested with the “default” theme but there are indeed other components loaded, however, none should touch that section.

I’ll try again in a staging environment with just the discourse reaction enabled.

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I believe there’s another report of this here too: