Likes while Suspended


On the BBS that we have, one of the users is suspended. I’m wondering if this user can still receive likes while he is suspended, or not. If he can, that’s a bit like rewarding him while he is not allowed to be there.

Likes are normally for his contributions rather than for the user himself. It is not his presence that gets likes, I.e. he couldn’t get likes without contributing a post.

True, but he was a rather prominent user before. I’m sure that at least one person has attempted to like a post of his.

I’m not sure why you would want to inhibit users liking a suspended user’s posts.

If they are historical posts (presumably useful contributions), why shouldn’t users be able to thank those?

If you (or someone else) had an online fallout with that user, and users are thanking the suspended user for their posts, then let it be.

In any community there will almost certainly be some users who disagree with a suspension. Stifling them doesn’t lend credibility to your standing.