"Liking" a post alerts me I have few Likes left. Settings are 2400 Likes/day

As you can see, my “Max likes per day” are set to 2400. However, any time I log in and “Like” a post, I’m alerted that I only have a few left (and that’s definitely not the case).

This is causing some confusion amongst my users, who don’t comprehend the purpose of “limited Likes” and want the freedom to Like posts as they please – which I agree with.

Is this specific alert something I can hide using CSS until a real fix is implemented?


Did you restart Discourse after changing this setting? It might require that. Can we repro this as a bug @techapj ?


Hey Jeff,

I don’t normally jump into the docker container; what’s the command to restart? I do have it open now and it does say:

*** System restart required ***

I’ve installed a plugin or two which I believe required me to rebuild (./launcher rebuild app), and I installed those after changing this setting. Would that be enough to take care of it or no?

Thanks for your help!

Edit: Found my answer regarding the “System Restart” message; please disregard! :slight_smile: