Link username to external website

(Arpit Jalan) #1

Let’s say you want to add a link of User’s main profile page on Discourse user profile page and user card, clicking on that link will take user to main (external) website.

The link of main website user profile page will be like:

Where username is the Discourse username of that user. (It should be same on both main site and Discourse forum)

Let’s get started!

Add custom CSS

Paste this CSS code in Admin > Customize > CSS/HTML > CSS section:

#user-card .metadata h3 {
  float: left;

h3.user-card-public-field {
 clear: both;   

Add custom JS

Paste this JS code in Admin > Customize > CSS/HTML > </head> section:

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8.7">
    api.registerConnectorClass('user-profile-primary', 'site-link', {
      setupComponent(args, component) {
        component.set('siteLink', args.model.get('siteLink'));

    api.registerConnectorClass('user-card-metadata', 'site-link', {
      setupComponent(args, component) {
        component.set('siteLink', args.user.get('siteLink'));

    api.modifyClass('model:user', {
      siteLink: function() {
          const username = this.get('username');

          if (username) {
              const url = `${username}`;
              const link = `<a href=${url} target='_blank'>${url}</a>`;

              return Ember.Object.create({ link, name: "User Profile" });
          } else {
              return null;

<script type='text/x-handlebars' data-template-name='/connectors/user-profile-primary/site-link'>
  {{#if siteLink}}
    <div class="public-user-fields">
      <div class="public-user-field">
        <span class="user-field-name">{{}}</span>:
        <span class="user-field-value">{{{}}}</span>

<script type='text/x-handlebars' data-template-name='/connectors/user-card-metadata/site-link'>
  {{#if siteLink}}
    <h3 class="user-card-public-field">
      <span class="user-field-name">{{}}</span>:
      <span class="user-field-value">{{{}}}</span>


const url = `${username}`;

with your website user profile link.

Voilà :tada:

That’s it, you will now see user Profile link on user profile page:

and user card:

Link custom user field to external website
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(Mike Sider) #2

Works like a charm. Thanks for adding this guide @techAPJ


@pblog, (or someone) could you please add an screenshot for final result?

(Arpit Jalan) #4

Okay, added images in OP.

(DenisD) #5

Dear Arpit, does this approach really update userfield siteLink?
We used it “as is” and siteLink in empty under user/preferences siteLink although it is visible over user card

(Arpit Jalan) #6

You mean user “Web Site”, right?

No, the code in first post does not update user Website field. It just adds a link of main/external user profile on user page and user card.

(Sunny T) #7

Sorry for the newbie question, but could someone post example code for if external_id was used as opposed to username?

I have single sign on enabled, and it shows the proper External ID at the bottom of the admin interface of the user account.

(Lars) #8

Any chance this example could get an update? Apparently it will not work, since api.container.lookupFactory is a private API and will break stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I asked the same a long time ago. You’d have to write a plugin that exposes external_id - I asked recently if it had become enabled, since they changed a lot of stuff, but haven’t received an answer, so I guess it still requires a plugin…

(Arpit Jalan) #9

Okay, I updated the code in first post to use api.modifyClass instead of api.container.lookupFactory.