Listing of all discourse forums

Is there a listing of all discourse forums anywhere? Seems like this should exist

Don’t believe such a directory exists for all discourse forums, and probably, in part, for these reasons

There are loads of forums listed in the Discourse customers | Discourse - Civilized Discussion however.


These two services track who’s using what and where:

BuiltWith: Websites using Discourse

SimilarTech: Discourse Market Share and Web Usage Statistics

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Thanks, of course this kind of service would exist :slight_smile:

Looks like, as expected they are both ‘freemium’ sites, but interesting to note there are apparently over 5,400 sites using Discourse on the internet (presumably can’t count hidden internal instances?).

Another way to find them is by visiting the standard Discourse About / FAQ page and then Google a long string of text “in quotes”. Most people don’t bother changing that content so you’ll get a list of sites.

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Neither of those are tracking the number of discourse installs accurately.


I’m sure, I suspect there are way more than reported by either of those sites. Maybe as much as 10x more perhaps.

Here’s another one Discourse Market Share and Web Usage Statistics

And I’m sure that each time someone searches for a specific website - using the “free” part of BuiltWith - that site is then added to their database… helping it to grow. :wink:

Here is a selection for you updated since your original request in April… Communities powered by Discourse | DiscourseHub