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(F. Randall Farmer) #1

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:ballot_box: Activism/Politics

:woman_farmer: Agriculture

:art: Arts/Crafts

:book: Books/Reading

:briefcase: Business

:blue_car: Cars

:computer: Computers/Electronics

:fork_and_knife: Food/Cooking/Drink

:sparkler: Cult/Occult/Weird Stuff

:floppy_disk: Dev/Software

:hammer: DIY/Maker

:school: Education

:microphone: Entertainment / Pop Culture

:hammer: Entrepreneuring

:hospital: Health/Awareness

:rice_scene: Images/Photography

:airplane: Lifestyle

:movie_camera: Media/News

  • (none yet)

:tv: Movies/Television

:musical_note: Music

:abcd: Non-English Language

:cityscape: Regional

:christmas_tree: Religion

:telescope: Science

:soccer: Sports

:telephone: Telecommunications

  • Republic Wireless - Support forum for members of Republic Wireless consumer cellular service. Most of our support is provided through various crowd platforms. Allows us to have great rates, cool tech and still deliver great support.

:european_castle: Travel/Tourism

:video_game: Video Games


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(Patrick Klug) #13

We’ve just launched our new forum based on discourse at Greenheart Games (Game Dev Tycoon win8 game) and gaming in general

(Iszi) #20

Don’t forget the How-To Geek Discussion forums at by @geek

Might this topic be worth a pin, at least until the real directory site gets made?

(Lee_Ars) #34

Got a test instance up at, with category definitions borrowed from my real forum at (which runs Vanilla).

Notable info:

  • Running on Nginx 1.5.1 + Phusion Passenger 4.0.5 with Ruby 2.0.0-p195, all on top of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
  • HTTPS works without any issues (try it:
  • Server is lightly loaded with plenty of RAM, so I have high hopes that performance will be fast even with high concurrency

Things to do:

  • Decide on a Varnish cache configuration for static assets (done)
  • See if there are any postgresql performance optimizations I can apply, since I’m kind of dumb at postgres

(Steve Baer) #36

We just brought online and are currently testing it as a replacement for our NNTP newsgroups. If this works (we sure think it will), then we’ll start moving our other support forums (several ning, community server, and vbulletin) for our products into this single discourse server. We also plan to have 11 different localized versions.

(Anthony Giovannetti) #37

We are running discourse at:

Forum for Netrunner players.

(Alejandro Petroff) #45

Age of Clones browser game official forum, in Russian:

(ben_a_adams) #48

WebGL browser game Age of Ascent (not launched yet)

Early days, still some forum config to do; but exciting times and really really like discourse.

(Zachary Lewis) #54

FlashPunk is an AS3 game library, and it has a very active developer community which is running Discourse.

(Glenn Drake) #56

With the assistance of @dougalcorn our Discourse Community is now alive and kicking! We run a free cloud based accounting system

In my opinion Discourse is bloody marvelous! It’s hugely liberating to move away from the clunky forum platform we’ve had to endure for the last couple of years, plus they’ve just hiked up their monthly fee to $425 so couldn’t happen at a better time.

I also blogged about Discourse here Our new Community platform powered by Discourse | quickfileaccounting

Keep up the great work!

(Juffin) #57

will be the largest country-based community forum :slight_smile: soon ©

(Hrishikesh Thakre) #60

I have gone live at

For a complete newbee like me to setup and start something as beautiful as this is an awesome experience.
Thanks Discourse team and all forum members for help and support.

I also borrowed concepts from incendiarylegion & howtogeek so Thanks to both of them as well.

Let me know the feedback, I am sure there are many loose ends i need to work on. Feel free to point it out.

(German Viscuso) #71

Forgot to add our instance

We love Discourse, big thanks to the Discourse team!!! :smiley:

(Justin Haglund) #73

We just launched a Discourse instance as a reboot of the Customer Community for Citilabs, one of the world’s leading developers of transportation modeling software. In addition to cutting our costs dramatically, Discourse will provide a far better user experience than our previous forum.

Visit us at

#85 - Croatian webmasters forum [Custom CSS]

Switched from vBulletin, some of its community likes it, some dont but im sure they all will after some time.

(Karol Hosiawa) #94

Recently we migrated a large punBB based forum about Ruby on Rails in Poland (43k posts, 2k users) to Discourse. We’re satisfied with the result, we’re also getting positive feedback from users. My colleague describes the migration in detail below:

(Carlo Kok) #102

Here is our forum: Has been up for quite a while and has posts from a previous forum imported. It’s mainly used for features/bugs and support of our products.

(Michael Downey) #113

The OpenMRS open source Health IT project has “soft launched” a Discourse instance for project communication. We don’t have too many design hacks yet, but did integrate SSO with our project’s ID platform, and continue to make tweaks daily.

(Nathan Rijksen) #115

Just launched, the new Komodo IDE & Edit forums:

Looking forward to making extensive use of Discourse :slight_smile:

(Chase Sterling) #116

Set up a forum for automation software FlexGet at

Loving Discourse so far!