Live Chat Integration

There is a plug-in for intercom. We use it and it works well.


Thanks for the replies. did the job, and it’s free.

What did you use to integrate it into Discourse?

Tried and Both work great, but I’m testing Zendesk more long-term as I like the features more.

For Pure Chat, where did you wind up putting the HTML? Tried adding it to a theme/creating a new component without any luck.

Admin/Customize/Themes/Light/Edit CSS/HTML/

I placed the PureChat HTML code at the very end of the Discourse code, after the last tag.

Hope this helps.

For the Zendesk chat widget, the code has to go into the tag.


Interesting - regardless of whether I put the code in </head>, </header>, After Header, </body>, or Footer in Common, Desktop, or Mobile (tried 'em all just in case) nothing shows up, very odd.

Maybe due to having less backend access as a paid [Discourse] user?

Same Problem! I put the code in </head> , </header> , After Header , </body> , or Footer in Common , Desktop , or Mobile (tried 'em all just in case) nothing shows up,

Still seeking answers to this question.
I posted about it here:

Something must have changed with Discourse since my last installation, as I can’t get Pure Chat to work anymore.

hi chris ,

may i know u did found the solution to settle your purechat issue ? now still working ?

As mentioned above, I installed Pure Chat no problem a while ago. However, a few Discourse updates later and I can’t get it to work anymore.

I’ve tried other chat apps too, and I can’t get any to work…

christian i found out u just unable the [ content security policy script src ] in the setting , but it will be very dangerous , now im figure it out to enable CSP with working purechat script .

cool. trying that now. I have that setting unchecked anyway to allow AdSense to show ads.

Awesome, works a treat @BishopV.

Thank you.

p.s. I’m testing ‘Chatra’ in below screenshot. You can see it live here:

What is interesting to me is that at least for people who would use chat more like you can basically just use discourse as-is, since it auto updates as people post messages.

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Hi, I realise this is an old thread, has anyone been able to install HelpScout Beacon live chat into Discourse? I have seen the instructions on installing and I followed the instructions and it did not work for Help Scout.
LiveChat chat integration

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Hi, seems like the demo site link is broken. Can you provide the new link to chat demo?
Having hard time how to set up this new plugins in my community.

The plugin is broken