Lock topic content for logged out users

This forum really similar to Discourse but I Still prefer Discourse.

I saw some feature which really benifit for Discourse and I hope Discourse Dev team Consider.

GitHub - flarum/lock
GitHub - flarum/sticky

are there any locking feature some part in topic like that?

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Could you show me a screenshot of your topic view page?

your shown option I have too. But I want a function which hide some contents from guest until they signup.

ohhhhhhh, wait, there is a plugin for that, one second

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if you want to tell me about guest gate plugin, It still bug and It not What I am looking for.

Flarum is the first true competitor to Discourse (not to mention that it is free). XenForo was sort of just a modernized version of vBulletin.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds! :left_speech_bubble: :grin:

We don’t have a plugin that locks specific content within a post. The closest thing we have at the moment might be this theme component that allows you to show a preview of a protected category.