Log action trigger email?

Is there any way to setup a notification or have the system generate an email if a specific log event happens?

I want all admins to know when any admin triggers a log event for “impersonate user” and “check private message” by system auto notification. Much like “backup failed” triggers a PM to admin, this process could be replicated for other specific log events.

Essentially, any of these options would be Satisfactory:

If specific log event happens:

  • system generates message to admin inbox
  • System generates an email to all admins
  • add webhook trigger action so any action can be triggered via payload m(i.e. if (select action) happens, then trigger hook.

Bottom line, I’d like to be able to trigger notifications for selected log events rather than always having to go look to see if any other has done something without giving justification to the other admins… How if at all can this be done?