Login_required.welcome_message hard coded for a closed system

The forum is configured such that users cannot create an account - only attend via invitation.
(apologies, I can’t find the setting to provide the exact title)

The default message seems to be hard coded:

“An account is required. Please ask an existing member for an invite or log in to continue.”

Two Things Of Note re:

Admin->Customize->Text Content->

  1. it’s set to the standard message instructing create an account or login.

  2. editing it has no effect on the alternative message instructing them to ask for an invite or login
    (even after a restart of the browser)

(and I was unable to find an alternative field to edit instead)

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I can’t repro it on 2.2.0.beta10.



I’m only finding

in Admin->Customize->Text Content.

But a search reveals:

thanks for the proper label, Daniela!


Note that this issue is now fixed via:

When you update your Discourse instance to latest version, the custom text for login_required.welcome_message will be copied to login_required.welcome_message_invite_only (if it’s not modified).

Since you’ve already added the custom text for login_required.welcome_message_invite_only the above change will not affect your site, so nothing to worry.

Thanks for the bug report.