Looking for a "category accordion" theme component that I believe used exist?

Hi all … I had taken a theme component for a test drive a couple of years ago, one that listed all categories, subcategories and (if applicable) sub-subcategories in nested accordion format, in the left hand sidebar. I can’t remember its name and I cannot find it in on the site here. I would be v. grateful if someone can point it out? Or maybe it’s discontinued?

It listed top-level categories in the left hand column (similar to meta site, here) … but, if you clicked into any category, the sidebar “accordion” expanded vertically to show subcategories … and subcategories also expanded to show sub-subcategories. It made navigation in a category-heavy site really easy & intuitive.

Thanks in advance, if anyone can help!

You probably used the Category List Widget, together with the Layouts Plugin?

The plugin won’t work on Discourse 3.2 or above. But the component code of this Layouts widget has recently been updated to a glimmer component. You could have a look at the code that toggles subcategories and build a standalone category accordion component?

The Discourse Central Theme — Meta Pre-Release Out Now! also features an expendable category list on the sidebar. But it’s only viewable here on meta for now.


Thanks a million, @nolo … that was it, for sure. Thanks for the guidance on ways forward, also … I’ll hack a little and see what emerges.

Much appreciated!


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