Looking for experienced Discourse custom theme designer

I’m looking for a custom theme developer for a running Discourse forum.

This is how the website currently looks like. The job is to implement our company design language (see scylladb.com) for the forum. You would use existing graphics/images that we have.

If you are interested and have the relevant experience, please send me a personal message answering:

  1. Do you have experience in similar jobs? Please send examples

  2. What would be the time estimate for this job?

  3. What would be the cost?

  4. How do you suggest developing the theme without any downtime for the website? What type of access would you require?

  5. Can we do this through Upwork? Do you have a user there?

  6. If we proceed we’d require you to sign an NDA and Freelancer agreement, please confirm this works for you.


Shouldn’t need downtime since you can create a new theme for testing and only make it available for users when it’s done.


I sent a PM, but I might not be the ideal person for this.

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