Looking for forums to moderate/customise [FREE]

I don’t know if I’m allowed to do this


I’m looking for a forum to moderate on,
I can also customise your forum your you for Free!

I like coding & skateboarding, anything else I’ll still do



A Forum
Must know how to give moderator/admin status (whatever your comfortable with)


Must have a forum
Give admin/moderator
If moderator you need to allow me to change/add categories
Must tell me what I need to do

Banjo (Fear)
Send your forums here if your willing for me to moderate them

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Banjo it might help if you elaborate on your subject interests. You might be a better fit for some communities if it’s something you are into?


@Banjo you might need to explain why you would be a trusted and competent moderator of a forum. Moderation powers are not something to give away lightly, if you value your forum and your community. Each community has a culture which is shaped in part by the actions of moderations. You might need to explain why you believe you would be able to preserve and promote that culture. Showing evidence of excellence as a moderator on other public forums might help your case.