SMTP User name does not save

When I re run


the SMTP email becomes
even though I previously entered

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Can you reproduce this @pfaffman?

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Oh! @kgreed is correct! Apparently the “user the default mailgun username” code overrides the “use the pre-existing settings” code. I’m guessing that few people change their mailgun username, so this is an edge case.

Now that I think about it, the code that loads the defaults happens before the “oh! It’s mailgun, I know what to do” code. I’ll have a look and see if this is easy to fix.


Did this get fixed? Anything else to do here?

It’s on my list,which has quite a few things on it now. I think that this one affects few people. It’s annoying, because you have to re-enter the value rather than have your old value used. It’s not quite a bug, because it does work.

I’ll try to submit a PR this week.


Same or related:

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Here, ya go.