Make a category page default (main) page

Sorry for the off-topic, but how can I set a category page as a default main page of the site? I found only type of the main page like (list, boxes…)

I have this theme component:

I think that it does what you want (if you want to change it for everyone, then you could use that as the group). I don’t know that I’m using it anywhere, so I’m not entirely sure that it works, but I am fairly sure that it did on December 2, 2020.

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Possibly something like what Jay posted above is what you’re looking for, but if all you want to do is set the homepage for your site to the categories page, the easiest way to do that is by re-running your site’s setup wizard. To do that, go to and click through the wizard’s steps until you get to the homepage step. That step allows you to preview and select the homepage options:


I’d also like to do this, i.e. have the page of a particular category (/c/category-name/) show up as the home page. Is it possible? Is this was the theme component above does (or did)?

I think Custom Homepage for Groups should do what you want.

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