Make anonymous posts hidden/moderation by default?

Hi everyone - is there a way to make posts by anonymous users appear hidden by default or go into the moderation queue?


To provide a bit more context, I would like to provide visitors with a text area where they can quickly submit some feedback without actually visiting the forums first. I am planning on using the Discourse API to programmatically create a new post with the visitor’s comments, but to avoid spam, I’d like those posts to be hidden by default until a moderator validates and makes them visible :slight_smile:

Just bumping this up. The amount of spam my API posting approach is generating is getting to be quite large.

If we can’t make posts made via API be hidden by default, do we know if posts made by the API go through spam filtering?

Could you send the posts/topics to a dedicated category which is set to ‘moderator approval’ in the category settings?


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That is a great suggestion! Let me try that :grinning:

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