Make Dismiss keyboard shortcuts work on all pages

Maybe I’m doing it wrong or this is intended. But when I am on latest and see new updates, I want to x,r or x,t. Doesn’t work. When I go to the new tab/page, it works.

Don’t know if there’s other shortcuts that may be more beneficial to ux if available on all pages.

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Well, do you see these buttons on latest? :wink:

I am unsure what you’re trying to say.

Those buttons do not exist on the Latest page. You wouldn’t want to run this shortcut from that page, as the affects are not easily distinguishable. On New and Unread, they are easy to distinguish what those buttons will do, you can’t do that from Latest, Top, a Category, viewing a Topic, etc.


Thank you for explaining. I understand now. Ehh, oh well. I hate having to switch tabs just to dismiss.

Upon searching I found this very related topic to my own query, so I’m writing here only.

Many times I want to ‘Dismiss’ (notification to) the new replies to old topics.
For this I try to use the shortcuts x, r or x,t.

But problem is that the ‘Dismiss Topics’ shortcut (I don’t know when and where ‘Dismiss new Posts’ shortcut works) works only if I’m already on ‘Unread’ page.
Two questions here:

  • Isn’t the relevant command should be named ‘Dismiss New Posts’ (associated with the shortcut x, r). And ‘Dismiss New Topics’ should mean ‘dismissing the new topics’ not the ‘new posts’. Hope I was able to make myself clear.
  • Why do I have to first move to ‘unread’ posts to be able to use this shortcut. Why can’t I command it to clear the notification of ‘unread new posts/replies’ from home page itself?

In other words, I’m a bit confused between the scenarios in which x,r and x,t are supposed to work.
Also, I couldn’t find any kb shortcut to clear the ‘New Notifications’ bubbles which show on my own avatar/profile photo. Isn’t there any KBS for this?


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