Make "Users waiting for approval" notifications into a single message thread

I know that we can change Admin Settings > Login > “pending users reminder delay” to affect how soon staff are reminded that there are users waiting to be approved.

I’d like to keep that enabled, but it comes with some annoyances. Since the system sends a separate message (new topic) each time it notifies:

  • staff get an incrementation in the notification badge for each of system’s reminder messages
  • staff have to interact with each notification to clear the badge

I propose that system creates one single message topic for “Users waiting for approval” and replies to itself within that thread each time it needs to remind staff that approvals are pending. Then, clicking to see notifications, it will be obvious that there are one or multiple new replies (reminders) in that message thread that need to be attended to, and it will only take one interaction with that notification to clear the badge.


Just checking in on this—does anyone see any merit to this suggestion?