Making Announcements

I am working on setting up discourse to be used as a school discussion board. I was wondering if it was possible for mass emails to be sent to all students about a post.

The reason for this is that an instructor might make an announcement on discourse. It would be nice if the content is also sent to students in the class as not all students keep up with the discussion board.
I was thinking there could be an instructor level tag, once the tag is used with a post then an email about the post is sent to students.

Does anyone have suggestions on how I could achieve this?


You can do it mentioning the trust_level_0 group (all users) - or creating a custom group ad hoc - in the first post of the announce . Just remember to change the site setting max users notified per group mention accordingly. In case, change the group setting so that only administrators and moderators can mention the group to avoid unwanted mass notifications.
All the users online will receive a notification, all the users offline will receive an email.