Making new tag synonyms

When I navigate to /tags > (specific tag) > INFO > Manage Synonyms and I try to add a synonym by typing in the box, it will not let me create a tag there. It will only pull up existing tags. This is unlike what happens in /tags > Manage Tag Groups where you can create a new tag by adding it to the group.

This is making it very time consuming to add a bunch of synonyms to existing tags, first having to create them in the tag group, and then edit the original tag info.

Am I doing something wrong? Is it supposed to work this way?

It sounds like it is working as expected. What the Manage Synonyms functionality is intended to do is allow you to replace all instances of an existing tag with another exiting tag.

Oh, too bad. I was hoping to be able to create tags there the same way you can when adding tags to a tag group. I guess for now I can upload a bunch of new tags in one batch and then go through and assign them as synonyms.

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