Making the About and FAQ visible to anon

We have a login required instance, but would like to reveal our About and FAQ pages to people who are not logged in.

I note that the /tos and /privacy pages are visible to anon:

but we’d really like all four of them like this:


I know how to create links (only visible to anon) to these via a Theme component, but I can’t work out how to make /about and /faq pages (and their navigation) visible to anon.

Any tips?


You might have better look hosting those on the parent domain such as

And then linking to them from

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Thanks for getting back to me Jeff - I know that is an option, but it has several downsides:

  1. it will erode the value of our lovely short domain name - this is of course where our instance resides. We could of course get around this by having the pages in a subdomain such as
  2. the existing really nice navigation within faq / about / tos / privacy (and now guidelines oddly if FAQ is redirected) does not work for anon as they remain stuck with just tos/privacy
  3. there isn’t a facility to redirect /privacy or /about in order to have the whole bunch + navigation outside of Discourse

Surely there is a way to make those two pages (and the navigation links to them) visible to anon with a bit of theme customisation. @awesomerobot, your topic here looks to contain the building blocks that I would need (I think) - please let me know if I am barking up the wrong tree!


You probably want to look at something like Welcome page for private sites where you’d be adding content to the “account required” page.

As far as I know what you can do with a theme is very limited when login is required because at that point most of Discourse (not just the content) is inaccessible to anonymous users.