Manually override password

I have a user who has supplied a valid email address, and who is (according to the logs) being sent forum mailing list messages with no bounces, but who is not seeing any of these messages directly, or in his junk mail.

Not spotting anything in his account settings that would preclude receiving email from the forum.

As far as I can tell using online checkers, there is no email deliverability problem with the reputation of the forum domain

He would like to do a password reset, but can’t because of this problem.

How can I manually assign a temporary password for this user (that he can change again once he has regained access)?

Otherwise, what do people do in this situation?

I have another user who has been experiencing the same problem with one email address, but who luckily had access to another address which worked.

I have a suspicion that the people affected both had their profiles imported rather than signing up fresh when the forum migrated from its earlier MyBB platform. I have no way of knowing how many more might be in the same boat if this is the issue - but I have hundreds of ex MyBB users who have never logged on.

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As a quick and dirty you could change their email account to your email and do a reset and supply them that credential. Then they can change it.

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The bigger problem is to have them check with their IP to see if they are silently dropping the emails. This is too common because of spammers. You never get any useful feed back. :frowning:


Good idea!
I tried that, though had to use a temporary address, since my own is already registered on the site.

Problem is that I was then unable to tidily change the email address back, because that requires a confirmation email to the original address that won’t be received.

At least they can log in now though

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Like I said, quick and dirty but if they can get in that’s part of the battle won.

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I had a problem on discord gettingbpasswordcreset emails. It turned out I had to directly login to hotmail ad for some readon only the password reset emails was not being sent frim hotmail server to my mobile. even though both noreply@discord and support@discord emails were being received by other requests.

Have him or her log into his emsil web server directly.