Many older topics suddenly show up as unread

This one’s a new one on me. I have woken up this morning to about 40+ unread topics. The problem is… they’re all old topics from months ago, in many cases having been locked! I haven’t set any kind of user timers on them. They’re just randomly unread. I’ve seen a few comments from others about random unread topics popping up for them. No settings have been changed anywhere that I’m aware of.

All appear to be in the Bug Reports category. There are no actual new posts, just random posts suddenly marked as unread. As you can see, some are even locked, so couldn’t have been updated (and have not auto-bumped. We don’t have that feature turned on in that category.

Any idea what caused this?


Did one of your staff force change notification level on a category? That will affect all users.

You should go to logs and look at staff actions to see.

I created a new category and updated permissions on an old one roughly two weeks ago, but no, no one has changed any category notification settings. I’m the only staff member that generally alters any category settings. Definitely no changes have been made to that category, either.