Many Users Reporting Not Getting Bulk Email Invites

We are running a site for teachers where accounts are by invite only. I’ve done a bulk invite of 300 emails (all emails were verified by sending them a message first). After 3 days, we only have 1/3 of them redeemed. Many people are telling me they are not getting the invite email, and report that they are checking the spam folder.

I’m asking our sys admin for some details from the Mandrill log, which I do not have access to and to check if our server is not blacklisted.

I’ve gone through the list of 200 pending and did a one by one resend.

I assume (?) there is no way for me as an admin to manually create accounts / assign passwords.

My only other idea is to temporarily open registration and set up reg by twitter (they all have twitter). The only downside is I’ll have to figure out what groups to assign them to (we have subgroups of ~40 that are hidden from other general users).

Any ideas for what else I can check on email? So much in discourse (passwords) hinge on email.


I am not much help with the technical issue of why those emails aren’t getting through. Hopefully you can figure that out!

On the other hand…

Are your subgroups coming from consistent domains? I ask because groups have this setting:

Thanks, but no, we have emails all over, university, yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc

Did you verify all your email settings are correct? Send yourself a test email via Admin, Email and read it closely.

I also highly recommend which you can mail (they give you a unique email address) using Admin, Email as well – just key in the email there, wait a bit, then check your score. It is a great tool.

Yes, email works. We have 145 who have gotten the email and redeemed the invitation. I even heard from a guy who asked me to stop emailing him, someone had given us the wrong email :wink:

I’m pretty sure the email is going out, and its more of a user issue, either not understanding the message (they are primarily Spanish speaking), or maybe their local servers are sending the message to spam?

Thanks for the mail tester, will look into it.

By new solution is to open up self signup, let 'em just create accounts. I added a signup field for a “secret phrase”. I then sent an email to all the addresses that have not responded with very clear steps, and told them to use the secret phrase.

Whew. I am hoping my colleagues are not giving up on using discourse because all the other options for this project suck