Max consecutive replies woes

maybe i’m using the software wrong. maybe i’m not participating correctly, and meta’s working as intended. or maybe this is an edge case where rules are interfering with contribution.

bottom line is i can’t continue to spam the phpBB3 migration topic with notes/fixes.

and nothing of value was lost!

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Maybe just edit your last post and add your new information.


Or reply with a linked topic which will belong to you, and spam away.

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Looks to me like you’re bringing valuable feedback, and you need someone to reply and acknowledge it so you can continue. In the meantime, a linked topic would be a good idea: you can (hopefully) edit a note into your most recent post to say that you’ve done this.

On the other hand, if some of your thoughts and findings are very specific to your own case, a new (linked) topic would be better.

I’ve split your migration journey into its own topic so you can continue without the consecutive reply restriction. :+1: (though use it wisely :pray: :slight_smile:)