"max notifications per user" = 10,000?

Isn’t 10,000 a bit high? Will that scale well? What is the non-obvious downside(s) of reducing this to say 1,000?

Personal opinion

I don’t know if it has disadvantages as such, I think it all depends on the users of its community

For example, I am part of a community of 68.1k users, added to the fact that it has the discourse-follow plugin and I follow many users, I think I easily exceeded that number in a few weeks ;-;

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Thanks for the context. 68k seems impossible at this point for my forum. haha But what you mention
indicates it could actually be a limit that gets hit.

So with that in mind, I will adjust to 1000. :grimacing: If a user has the need to access 10,000 previous notifications… :woozy_face:

I believe most users will be fine with 1000, even on busy forums. This way any future plugins have the potential to store that high #. (I can always increase the limit later if the need arises.)

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