Merry Christmas

And thanks to the Discourse team!!



:confetti_ball: :confetti_ball: :christmas_tree:

Nollaig Chridheil!

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Yes, very many thanks to the Discourse team. You’re a big part of my Christmas anyway seeing as I’ll be spending most of today tinkering with discourse :wink:

Hope you all have a very fun and well deserved break.


Merry Christmas to my fellow mei-jadhi and mei’hswe of Discourse!

Definite ditto on that! Finding out and researching VPS and then coming across Discourse by chance was my Christmas gift this year. Without it, I’d still be worrying about the future of my forum and then hating the fact I would be forced to stick with SMF or any other shared-hosting PHP forum software solution. Now I have piece of mind, I can stop ‘shopping’ with trying to find a good software to be my community’s backbone and now finally stick with Discourse and get to work on actually building my community back up.

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As a little christmas gift to one of our users, I have a free Nexus 7 (2012) tablet to give away. OK it is not the latest and greatest but… hey… free! :free: Works fine, has latest Android 4.4.x installed with clean wipe.

You must be in the USA, though, I can’t ship this internationally.

If anyone wants it, PM me.


@codinghorror I sended you a pm

Sorry, as mentioned, I am only sending it within the USA.

OK :frowning: that’s a pity…

Just finished upgrading that Nexus tablet that @codinghorror sent! It’s amazing and I feel spoiled just to be able to own this kind of technology. Experiencing Discourse on here is a real treat and I’m eager to contribute to mobile ux testing for the future. Typing will take some time getting used to. I’m used to desktop keyboards.

THANK YOU JEFF! :pray: :blue_heart:

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