Messy highlight bar UI when navigating by keyboard

When navigating by keyboard between posts in a topic, two concerns:

  1. There’s this weird blue line above the post as shown above.
  2. Some white space around the highlight bar would be nice. :smile:
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IIRC there was something similar with keyboard navigating the composer.
I don’t know if that was ever resolved but @TechnoBear probably will.

Oh, and IIRC it’s browser specific. Have you tried testing with different browsers?

It’s an oddly-placed cursor.

Presumably related to this:

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What browser? As it doesn’t do that in Chrome.

Firefox, I expect. All the instances of this I’ve reported/encountered so far have been Firefox.

The one browser that doesn’t work at my work place… go figure!

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I’d get a new job…

Off Topic:

I like my job. It seems to be a they are blocking how Firefox verifies SSL, which in turns prevents me from being able to use for sites like Meta. I’ve just learned to live with it (I don’t really like Firefox anyway)

Sorry. Firefox (latest) on Fedora 22.